It is true that home care owners come from all walks of life. Nurse Next Door franchise partners come from a variety of backgrounds including accounting, non-profit organisations, firefighting and even ex-service men and women. They all thrive, and bring different skill sets to running their business. However, not surprisingly, many healthcare professionals, in particular registered nurses, also gravitate towards starting a home care business. 

By its very name, home care is a business of caring, and by having the medical knowledge, registered nurses often have an edge as they are well-versed in the language and processes. Home care is an industry that resonates deeply with nurses. They understand, from personal experience, that going through surgery or health complications can be a very scary and anxious time in a person’s life. They see the ins and outs of the healthcare system and can identify the missing opportunities. As a home care business owner, a registered nurse is able to fill in the blanks and bridge the missing gaps from hospital to post-discharge care.

In this article, we take a closer look at why a home care business is perfect for Registered Nurses. 


Registered Nurses make excellent Nurse Next Door Franchise Partners

Complementary Experience

After years spent dealing with doctor, patients, families and allied health professionals, Registered Nurses bring extensive experience in regard to all aspects of the patient’s care journey. The steps they have taken to progress their career, from their first year out of university to their management training and supervisory experience, has prepared them, and impassioned them for the journey they will take as a home care business owner.

As the ageing population booms, home care is going to be the big difference maker and partner for physicians, hospitals, case managers, clients, families. All of the healthcare team want to see patients do well, to return home from a stay in hospital and completely recover to enjoy a good quality of life, but each member of a healthcare team can’t do it alone. They have to trust the next person in line to help bring the patient’s journey to a complete recovery.

When writing discharge orders, everyone is hoping for the best – that the patient and families understand the orders, that they follow the instructions, fill the prescriptions and take the medications, wash their hands, eat well, not overdo but also don’t lay around too much. Having a Registered Nurse oversee the provision of in-home care  to support a patient’s recovery is assurance. It means that someone will be there to help, teach, motivate, care for and accompany the patient to assure optimal outcomes. 

Home care is a great asset to the healthcare industry to prevent unnecessary re-admissions for things that can be handled at home and to improve the patient experience. Once discharged, if the experience at home isn’t good it reflects on the hospitals and physicians as patients tend to hold them responsible when they feel “abandoned” at home. 

Home care services such as those provided by Nurse Next Door are a huge asset to keeping the increasing ageing population safe and happy at home, which is where they want to be. A trusted Caregiver can help prevent falls, depression, anxiety and missed medications. They can make sure the client is eating well-balanced diets through meal preparation, staying active and at the same time, provide stimulation and companionship through socialisation and interaction. Ultimately improving the quality of life for older people, the disabled and the recently hospitalised individual.

A Shared Purpose

As part of a franchise, business owners work daily with other franchise partners who share the same purpose for making a difference in the lives of their clients. Forging these relationships alongside people you can grow and learn with, collaborate with, and possibly even begin your new adventure with, is refreshing. Not only are you not alone on your journey as an entrepreneur, but you have people experiencing the same challenges, hurdles, opportunities and joys. Every person is 100% committed to the same values as you. They live and breathe your brand and they do it because they LOVE it. 

looking after people in my community


Every day, nurses are guided by their core values of placing their patients at the centre of the care plan. However the reality in hospitals and health institutions can be varied. Budgets and staffing can place pressures on the actual care provided, reducing it to the bare minimum of health management with no time for kindness and compassion. As a private home care business owner, and particularly at Nurse Next Door, nurses have the opportunity to deliver care that is held to the highest standards. Standards that define and inform everything the carer does.

Being a home care business owner allows you to flourish in an organisation where the values place both the carer and the client at the top of the pyramid – the soul of the culture. Your franchisor exists to provide the foundations that support your business operate.

A Nurse Next Door Registered Nurse and business owner talks with her staff about the care delivery program for a client


Growth and Leadership 

As a Registered Nurse, owning a home care franchise is the role you have been training to do.  Making Lives Better. Ensuring everyone feels seen, valued and truly cared for and cared about. Not only just clients and their families, but also the people who work for you.

As a business owner however, there will be new challenges, not the least of which is being your own boss. That’s why becoming a part of franchise can make perfect sense. As a Registered Nurse you bring your knowledge of care and your compassion for humanity. In return, the franchisor provides you with proven systems that take the guess work out of running a profitable business. A personal business coach helps you tap into a network of successful franchise partners who have blazed the trail before you. Banks and investors recognise the brand’s track record  and are more likely to support you as you secure your finance to get started.

So Why Nurse Next Door? 


We know you place care at the top of your priority list, and so do we. Consider Nurse Next Door’s core values:

  • Admire People. Franchise Partners ensure their carers are recognised for the work they do that helps them differentiate their business in the home care industry. After all, the carers and nurses are in the frontline, making lives better every day. Opportunities to provide full time hours and a career in caregiving or nursing is prioritised.
  • WOW Customer Experience. Franchise partners don’t rest until they’ve delivered a customer experience that so exceeds the clients’ expectations that they get tears in their eyes and become what we call “raving fans,” the kind who lavish praise on you on the street, on Facebook, in the coffee shop, and to their family and friends.
  • Find a Better Way. While giving care to hundreds of thousands of people for over 15 years, Nurse Next Door is not set in its ways. If our Franchise Partners can “find a better way” to meet the client’s needs, we’re always listening. We embrace change when our partners agree it will makes lives better.
  • Passionate About Making a Difference. Passion is your driver, and we agree – it’s why we are all here. Nurse Next Door looks for partners who genuinely care about what they’re doing and want to improve their clients’ lives.

24/7 scheduling

When you’re running your own business you can get caught up in the administration, the things that make you “too busy” to actually focus on what you originally set out to do. That’s why Nurse Next Door’s Care Services Platform provides 24 hour / 365 days a year scheduling for both your clients and your caregivers – so you can focus on the delivery of care and not get stuck behind a desk.

Bold Pink Brand

Many of our Franchise Partners see us before they know us. Our bold pink brand, embodied in our cars, stands out in the home care industry.  Our philosophy of Happier Ageing® resonates with nurses. It’s a happy colour. Too much of healthcare is dull and boring while Nurse Next Door is bold and disruptive.

With a core purpose of Making Lives Better™, Nurse Next Door, under the leadership of Melbourne based Master Franchisors Matt Fitton and Amber Biesse, provides in-home aged care and disability support services built on our philosophy of Happier Ageing® focusing on possibility rather than disability.

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