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About Nurse Next Door

What makes Nurse Next Door different than all other home care companies?

Bold Brand: Stand out from the crowd with our industry-disrupting bold pink brand! Learn more on why people love Nurse Next Door’s brand.

Centralised Call Services Centre: In the home care industry, scheduling is one of the key limiting challenges and why so many home care business owners suffer burnout. Our unique Care Services Centre manages the scheduling function of our Franchise Partner’s businesses 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can focus on growth.

Premium Client Experience: Our Happier Ageing philosophy of care means we provide more than just tasks. We get our clients back to doing things they love!

Learn more about Nurse Next Door in the Why Us? section in our website.

How did Nurse Next Door start?

See Our Story and hear how Nurse Next Door first started in North America and then how our Co-founders Amber Biesse and Matt Fitton brought the brand to Australia.


Are you active in my area?

We have opportunities available in all major capital cities and larger regional towns in Australia.

In North America Nurse Next Door is one of the fastest growing home care franchise systems, offering both skilled and non-skilled services in both aged care and disability support, having increased our growth by 52% in the past 3 years.  With the growing demand for home care in Australia, Nurse Next Door is perfectly positioned to leverage the proven systems in the Australian market and the early success of our brand, via our corporately owned location in Melbourne, suggests a similar growth trajectory will also be achieved in Australia.

Depending on where you’re considering in investing, we’d be happy to help you identify opportunities available for you so give us a call today 1300 010 247

What is the process to get a franchise (how long and what’s involved)?

The process can take as little as 90 days, but depends on several factors. Visit our Steps to Ownership Page for more information.

Do I need medical or health care business experience?


While a medical or health care background can be an asset, it certainly is not required. 75% of franchise partners in North America do not have a health care background. Nurse Next Door is looking for passionate, hardworking, sales-oriented business owners who can build relationships and lead teams.

How much money do I need to open a Nurse Next Door franchise?

Nurse Next Door’s franchise investment ranges from AUD$100,000 to $125,000. (excluding working capital) For a detailed breakdown of the investment please visit what are my startup costs?

Are there financing options to open a Nurse Next Door franchise?

Nurse Next Door’s Franchise Development team refer you to various lenders who may be able to assist with securing funding.

Here are some additional tips on How to Finance a Franchise.

What is the franchise fee and what do I get?

The initial franchise fee gets you full access to our world-class brand, systems, training, on-boarding and protected territory you’ll need for your franchise. It gives us bandwidth to provide you with the initial support and training you’ll need to get set up for success, as well as the proven business systems we use across the board.

Included in your franchise fee is our Franchise Opener program, with our week-long training in Melbourne.

What type of owner is Nurse Next Door looking for?

We look for people who align strongly with our core values. Someone with a tender touch and the tenacity of a bulldog. Nurse Next Door requires a hard-working, sales-oriented leader who can connect with influencers in their community.

What kind of support will I get as a Franchise Partner?

We pride ourselves on robust Franchise Partner support. As a new franchise partner you’ll have a lot on your plate before and after launch.

As part of the ongoing support we provide, new Franchise Partners will start strong with a roadmap and

  • Initial and ongoing training
  • Nurse Next Door Online Platform
  • Operations manual
  • E-Learning
  • Regular coaching calls
  • Regional meetings
  • Annual conference in Vancouver
  • Weekly video calls with other franchise owners
  • Peer support from 100+ franchise owners across Australia and North America

How much can I make with a Nurse Next Door franchise?

Success looks different for each of our Franchise Partners. Later in the process, we will work on a financial model that will help you find the answers you need.

You will also get to speak to a cross section of our Franchise Partners and they will be able to share specifics of their business including the financials.

How quickly will I break-even?

Break-even differs for everyone.

As you explore our opportunity further, you’ll get to hear from our Franchise Partners firsthand about their break-even experiences.

Hiring & Operations

Once I’m a Franchise Partner, how do I hire, manage, and retain caregivers?

At Nurse Next Door, we don’t just hire anyone.

We have an extensive recruiting program that focuses on online strategies (digital job boards, Facebook and social media), and word of mouth referrals that are the most effective ways our Franchise Partners have found and hired caregivers.

We find that caregivers with the right skill sets resonate with our brand and a rewarding career, over a job that just promises them hours. Wondering more about hiring caregivers? Learn How to Find the Best Caregivers for Your Home Care Business.

What type of support does Nurse Next Door provide with hiring?

The above methods: Job Boards, Social Media, and Word of Mouth (WOM) will be introduced and covered in detail during Training Week with us as a new Franchise Partner.

Ongoing support are provided by your Business Coach, and Marketing and People teams to ensure you’re on the right track to promote new positions, and reach and connect to applicants using up-to-date digital tools.

Additionally you’ll gain access to our internal Hiring Playbook, and tips from other Franchise Partners across the business.

What do I do in this business?

A Nurse Next Door franchise is catered towards individuals who are leaders, have an entrepreneurial passion and undeniable level of tenacity.

You’ll manage a team, hiring caregivers and other team members to support your business as you grow.

Our Care Services Center will support you 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with all scheduling requests so you can focus on being out in the community building connections and referrals.

Licensing & Legal

Find answers to your questions related to Licensing, Insurance, Legal in our article How to Start a Home Health Care Business.

Government Funding

Is Nurse Next Door a registered Home Care Package (HCP) Provider?

The decision to become a registered provider for HCP rests with the location franchise partner. Nurse Next Door can provide assistance and guidance to franchise partners in completing the HCP application.   Nurse Next Door also partners with a third party who is registered to manage HCP funds, allowing Franchise Partners to provide care without having to be a registered provider themselves.

Private Pay home care has been identified as one of the fastest growing segments of the senior care space and is projecting exponential growth as the senior population continues to grow.

Is Nurse Next Door a registered NDIS Provider?

Likewise the decision to become a registered provider for NDIS rests with the location franchise partner. Nurse Next Door can provide assistance and guidance to franchise partners in completing the NDIS application.   Care can be provided by unregistered Nurse Next Door locations for NDIS recipients provided the recipient’s package is either self or plan managed.


What’s the difference between Medical and Non-Medical companies?

In Private Duty home care, there are two types of providers of these services.

Non-medical (non-skilled) services: This includes companionship, cooking and cleaning.

Non-medical (non-skilled) and Medical (skilled) services: This includes the above, plus virtually anything a person could need to stay at home including services provided by registered nurses.

Nurse Next Door’s model is to provide a full-spectrum of services to best meet our clients’ needs and ultimately allow our clients to age in place.

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