Buying a Home Care Franchise? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know!

When doing your research to buy a home care franchise, you’ll probably come across many of the same messages around franchising. Common points include “enjoy a great support system” and “get access to an established brand.” Those points are important (we’ve shared them on our blog too, after all), but we have a feeling you’re [...]

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Why People Fall In Love With Nurse Next Door’s Brand

When researching for franchise business opportunities, you’ll quickly realise why people fall in love with Nurse Next Door's brand. There are many opportunities across countless industries. Our blog consists of useful articles for entrepreneurs that are researching franchises, such as: 5 things you need to know about buying a home care franchise or ways to finance [...]

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Purpose. Brand. Culture.

Learn why Nurse Next Door Home Care is the right fit for entrepreneurs Amber Biesse and Matt Fitton   A Clear Purpose In 2016 we were fortunate enough to move to Vancouver to live. This “gap year” as we now like to call it gave us time to reflect on what we would [...]

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Why a Home Care Business Is Perfect For A Registered Nurse

It is true that home care owners come from all walks of life. Nurse Next Door franchise partners come from a variety of backgrounds including accounting, non-profit organisations, firefighting and even ex-service men and women. They all thrive, and bring different skill sets to running their business. However, not surprisingly, many healthcare professionals, in particular [...]

Why The Home Care Industry Is Booming

How Baby Boomers Will Impact Your Home Care Business If you're in, or thinking of joining, the Home Care industry, the term Baby Boomer - the generation born between 1946 and 1964 after the end of World War II - is one you are most likely quite familiar with. Boomers have been reaching the age [...]

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Why Small Markets Can Mean Big Business

"Over eight million people live, work and raise a family outside our capital cities, and this number is growing every day." In a recent article in Inside Franchise Business, Mary Aldred, Franchise Council Australia (FCA) CEO spoke about the FCA's campaign to "support regional revitalisation by highlighting franchises as an efficient, innovative tool to address [...]

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