75% of our franchise partners at Nurse Next Door come from non-medical backgrounds, primarily with sales and business experience

Coaching for your home care business

New Franchise Partners receive coaching and preparation to run a successful home care franchise business. You’ll be assigned a business coach who will hold regular calls with you to focus on your goals, review metrics of your business, and help you overcome any challenges you face.

Additionally, you will receive sessions during Training Week to participate in seminars, discussions and brainstorming, and gain insights and valuable learnings.

You’ll also be provided with useful resources such as our 16 week plan designed to keep you on track during your initial weeks after launch.

Training Week in Melbourne

Attending Training Week at our office – HeartQuarters in Melbourne means you will meet your support team! Here’s a peek at what new Franchise owners can expect to learn.

During five days of training, you will

Hear from the Leadership Team

Get to know our Care Services Centre

See firsthand how our systems work

Experience how we live our core values daily

Learn from informative sessions that show you how to be leaders, effective executors, great communicators, skilled managers of people and excellent operators to grow your business.

See why a Nurse Next Door opportunity is different from the rest.

Training Sessions for Success


Training Week starts off with an introduction to our culture. By this point, you’ll have already gotten a good idea of how important this is to us from hiring to the care we deliver. This is the foundational footprint that has been part of our DNA since the start.

Clinical Care

You’ll be given techniques to build and maintain key referrals to drive intakes and secure consults. Clinical care will be discussed so you can easily determine the role of Care Designers, caregivers and how they’ll fit within your team.

Home Health Care Business The Care Services Center

Care Services Centre

Nurse Next Door’s Care Services Centre is operational 365 days per year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Designed to deliver quality service to clients’ and their families, this platform was strategically developed to alleviate administrative duties from Franchise Partners. The Care Services Centre has three core functions: intakes, scheduling and calls.

Leading you to succeed in the home care industry

Ongoing Coaching

Support doesn’t just stop after Training Week. Our Sales Performance coach works closely with Franchise Partners all the way from pre-launch to post-launch. This includes weekly calls where he or she will be part coach, part cheerleader.

People & Hiring Caregivers

A lot goes into a world-class team of caregivers and it’s vital that you attract the right people to your business. At Nurse Next Door, we don’t just hire anybody. Sure, somebody may have the right credentials but do they embody our core values? Our recruiting program walks you step-by-step through the process to find and retain the right caregivers quickly and inexpensively.

Sales & Intakes

The home care industry is a referral-based business and we’ve geared our marketing systems to help you build rewarding relationships with the right influencers in your market. We make it easy for you with our love sales system and coaching support to drive intakes and grow your business.

Marketing & Social Engagement

With a Nurse Next Door franchise, you’re joining a world-class brand that stands out in the home care industry. You’ll receive attentive support from the marketing team to ensure you are setup to drive intakes through your digital marketing plan, community initiatives and social media engagement.

Strategic Planning

One Page Planning has been part of Nurse Next Door’s strategic vision since the beginning. This will be presented in depth so you can implement it in your own business to set goals and metrics for the fiscal year. Budgeting and money management will also be discussed so you can leave prepared with tools and resources to keep you on track.

Franchise Opener

Setting up your online marketing, hiring your staff, sales training — these are just a few of the items on our comprehensive checklist of tasks we will help you through as we count down to your business’ launch.

We work with you to make sure you have a strong start, then continue to support you as you grow your business.

16 Week Plan

The 16-Week Plan is designed to help you elevate your business to the next level. It is an intense, week-by-week, prescriptive plan that requires commitment, accountability and dedication. The reward — a robust and growing business.

This plan is based on the strategies that have brought success to countless other businesses within the Nurse Next door system and is a comprehensive strategy.

Nurse Next Door’s Annual Conference

Each year Nurse Next Door Franchise Partners and HeartQuarters members get together to celebrate at a three day conference in Vancouver, BC. See some highlights below from the 2016 conference #weareboldpink. Read more about our 2019 Conference #beingmortal

Running a new home health care business

Franchise Partners

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