Do you have what it takes to own a Nurse Next Door Home Care Franchise?

In this Multi Billion industry, it takes a certain type of person to rise to the top. If you’re looking for financial independence, structure and fulfillment, keep reading.

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The Discovery Process

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Is this you?

We’ve found that our best home care franchise partners have certain traits. We’re looking for people who are:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Relationship-builders
  • Passionate about your community
  • Open to being hands-on in daily operations
  • Looking to invest in a business
  • Happy with established systems and structure
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Relationship-builders
  • Passionate about your community
  • Open to being hands-on in daily operations
  • Looking to invest in a business
  • Happy with established systems and structure

Tiffany Rubin was a Registered Nurse before becoming a Nurse Next Door Franchise owner. She was excited to bring change and innovation to the home care industry as an entrepreneur. Read more…

Jeff Wheeler and John Valencia have decades of combined experience in non-profit management, so community engagement is their forte. They want to continue their mission of making lives better with the senior community in California. Read more…

Nurse Next Door’s Franchise Partners come from all walks of life. Bruce Kirkpatrick was a firefighter for 30 years. He joined Nurse Next Door with his son-in-law to continue to make a difference. Read more…

Download Free Franchise Report

While medical or nursing experience is an asset,
it isn’t a necessity.

We love partnering with motivated, passionate people who have the confidence to drive a bold pink car.

If this describes you, we should talk.

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We’re in the business of making lives better, are you?

Two home care franchise models

Not every franchise is right for everyone. That’s why we offer two different business models.


Low Start-Up Cost

Build multiple locations in your community to reach more seniors and accelerate growth

Big Network

Learn from a large network of both your own community, and other Franchise Partners

Impact Your Community

Invest in a home care business to make a difference in the lives of clients and families

Candidate Stories

Grad & Dad
Jacob & Darren, 25 & 65

Jacob recently achieved his dream: graduating with a Bachelors of Commerce Degree with Honors from his state University. Soon after graduation, Jacob faced the reality of the competitive job market… Read more

Corporate Employee
Susan, 40

Susan has been working for a national bank for five years as a mid-level manager. However, she often finds herself wondering what it would be like to become her own boss. Always striving to find a better solution… Read more

Registered Nurse
Nancy, 35

After receiving her Registered Nurse (RN) certification, Nancy secured a job at her local hospital where she worked as a charge nurse on the Medicine ward for over ten years. Though she loved… Read more


Seek to make a bigger impact more quickly, over a broader geographic region


Leverage your passion and leadership to build a strong team to grow a multi-unit business

Scalable Model

Hire or work with strong General Manager(s) and team members to run daily operations

Candidate Stories

C-Level Executive
Michael, 50

After years in the corporate world as a C-level executive leading large, multi-national teams, Michael became an experienced investor who continuously looked for his next… Read more


Overview: Buy one or several franchises to impact more seniors and make a difference in your community.

Operated by: You

Franchise Units: 1-4

Advantages: Learn from a community of franchise owners who have done it before.

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Overview: Use this scalable model to build a strong team and multi-unit business.

Operated by: Your GM

Franchise Units: 5+

Advantages: Combine your passion and leadership with proven systems for amazing growth.

Minimum Investment: $500,000

What’s next?

If you’re ready to take the reins, enrich seniors’ lives and disrupt the home care industry with Nurse Next Door’s family of 100+ franchise owners, get in touch today.

Ask us questions, choose your franchise model, plan your investment and live your life exactly how you planned it.