Starting a home care business with heart

Local entrepreneur Lauren Macdonald at Burleigh Heads, the centre of her home care business on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast locals Lauren Macdonald and Glen Parsons celebrate the opening of Queensland’s first Nurse Next Door Home Care Services location this week, launching a new model of care for the aged and disability sectors that focuses on the company’s core purpose of Making Lives Better.

Lauren and Glen were awarded Nurse Next Door’s first Australian partnership earlier this year and have already begun to provide home care for locals. They believe Nurse Next Door’s philosophy of care, built on a foundation of positive psychology and possibility, will help to address the growing demand on the healthcare system, particularly as the Southern Gold Coast’s higher proportion of older people, currently representing around 21 percent of the region, continues to grow. 

A sense of purpose

Building an organisation with a sense of purpose is important to Lauren and Glen. They feel there is a genuine need in their local community across both aged care and disability support that not only provides fundamental healthcare in the home but reconnects people with the things that give their life meaning: belonging, respect, autonomy and choice. 

“Watching my grandmother’s general decline before she passed, it was the lack of choice available to her and what felt like very task-based care: shower at 10am, check pills at 10.30am, that was so sad to watch,” Lauren said. “There was no focus on her happiness, no celebration of her life.”

Empowering people

Studies show that a positive mindset is the cornerstone of not only a longer, happier life but of greater physical health and cognitive function. Nurse Next Door refers to this as Happier Ageing – a concept trademarked by the home care provider, that enriches the lives of the people they care for. Ultimately it is about  empowering  people to remain in their own home, accessing care on their own terms, for as long as they choose.


“Glen and I are focused on getting Southern Gold Coast residents, back to doing the things they love,” said Lauren, “We want each and every one of our community, regardless of age or ability, to live their best lives, without boundaries.” 

With a core purpose of Making Lives Better®, Nurse Next Door Home Care Services, under the leadership of Melbourne based Master Franchisors Matt Fitton and Amber Biesse, provides in-home aged care and disability support services built on our philosophy of Happier Ageing® focusing on possibility rather than disability.

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