Every great franchise business has an outstanding team behind it. So how do you find the best caregivers for your home care business? Whether you’re new to business ownership or you’re a seasoned professional, recruiting the best caregivers can be one of your most rewarding tasks. And for those with new or small operations, you may be the only one responsible for building a capable home care team while trying to keep revenue flowing.

In the home care industry, you’re hiring companions, caregivers and nurses. You’ll be looking for a specific combination of personalities, skill sets and heart which means you can’t sit back and wait for candidates to come to you.

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Each position should clearly identify the ideal skill set and qualifications, which will differ based on the service and level of care. A caregiver can help with personal care, medication services, and Alzheimer’s and dementia support. Enrolled Nurses (EN) and Registered Nurses (RN) can perform medical duties and more complex care.

Oftentimes, a medical background isn’t necessary for companionship. Companions can provide light housekeeping services, like transportation and meal preparation, to help clients with the daily activities they can no longer do or have difficulty undertaking.

Amber Biesse, Director of Finance and Administration for Nurse Next Door Melbourne, says “Sometimes clients just want and need companionship. We like to recruit carers who are good communicators, like to accompany clients on outings, or who just enjoy talking and visiting. Most importantly, we recruit companions, skilled caregivers and nurses who have the heart to be in this line of work, who genuinely care about Making Lives Better.”

It’s important for team members to reflect the Nurse Next Door’s core values. Seek out companions, caregivers and nurses who bring happiness to clients, admire people, and who are passionate about making a difference. The more caring your team, the happier and healthier your clients will be.

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Find the Best Caregivers on Job boards

Your first thought might be to post roles on online job boards like Indeed or Seek. Amber says, when finding the best caregivers, many of her applicants come from Indeed, but it pays to think creatively: she also connects with candidates in a variety of other ways.

Use Social media to Find the Best Caregivers

It makes sense to share job opportunities on LinkedIn, but don’t forget Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Take your target audience into account, posting jobs in groups or on pages where it makes sense. Share through Nurse Next Door’s Facebook account and have other team members share your post on their personal accounts if possible.

Word of mouth to Find the Best Caregivers

“Caregivers usually refer other caregivers,” says Amber. “Someone who currently works with us often has a friend or family member who would love to apply as well,” she says. Give your team reasons to love their job, and it’ll be easier for you find the best caregivers and to attract great talent in the future.

With a core purpose of Making Lives Better®, Nurse Next Door, under the leadership of Melbourne based Master Franchisors Matt Fitton and Amber Biesse, provides in-home aged care and disability support services built on our philosophy of Happier Ageing® focusing on possibility rather than disability.

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